Arrived in Sarajevo

I visited Sarajevo in March and April 2015

After a long day I have finally arrived in Sarajevo

It took me twelve hours from leaving my apartment in Trondheim, four flights and four countries. Direct flights to Sarajevo are not the most frequent flights from Trondheim. I changed flights in Oslo, Stockholm and Vienna but at last I have arrived. I was picked up at Sarajevo Airport by my airbnb—host. Excellent service. If only my bag had arrived as well, apparently it is still in Vienna.


A rainy day in Stockholm

As mentioned, I found a place to stay in Sarajevo via The apartment is great, room for four people and within walking distance from the center of Sarajevo. Also, the rate for the room was very cheap.


My bedroom



Tomorrow awaits a guided trip through Sarajevo. A friend of my mother, a local with a huge love for the city has offered to show me his Sarajevo. I can’t wait.

As most of today was spent on planes and airports, I am getting quite tired and with nothing more to talk about. I will take a quick walk in the neighboorhood, then retire for the night.


4 comments on “Arrived in Sarajevo

  1. Faruk says:

    Thank you Torgeir for those information about my town… Kind regards. Your excellent guide (as you said at Traveltorgeir)…


  2. Laura says:

    I love Sarajevo (I got engaged there!) but we have the exact same problem with lack of flights from the UK! Such a shame as it is a brilliant city. Great post. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

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