3D-printing in Amsterdam

This episode happened in July, 2014.

In Amsterdam, cycling through Oude Pijp, we came across this really cool show room for a company selling 3D-printers.


As seen from the outside.

Nothing for sale, the company only used this venue to show what their 3D-printers could do. The models they showed were amazing.


Some if its models

I’m not quite sure where it was, but I think we found it on Gerard Doustraat, as we were cycling east from Gerard Douplein in Oude Pijp. Anybody knows where it is?


Big Macs


Shoes, purses and more.


Various models.


A pair of women's shoes.

2 comments on “3D-printing in Amsterdam

  1. hannekel says:

    That’s really cool! Your first photo made it easy to find out where it is, next door to Gerard Doustraat 244 – must have been this: http://www.freedomofcreation.com/contact – I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Amsterdam! My cousin has a optician store in the Utrechtsestraat which is not far from there. The Utrechtsestraat is full of fun (small) shops as well, one of my favourites is A La Carte – a travel-bookshop 🙂


    • That looks to be the right place. Thank you. You should check it out next time, it was really cool. And I’ll make sure to check out Utrechtsestraat and A La Carte on my next visit. Thanks for the tip.


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