A weekend in London.

Where can I begin? How can you describe London? It is a city that can be so much. It has so many different things to offer. Camden Town, Brick Lane, Notting Hill, Waterloo. I could spend a whole day in the book stores of Charing Cross Road. Or a whole evening in one of London’s many pubs. I have been there to see a football match. Or I could spend a day in one of its many parks.


QPR-Chelsea at Loftus Road. February 2012.

This weekend I am going to London. Flying from Trondheim after work on friday, staying in London until monday evening. Last time I was there was in February 2012. It has been a while. And this is my first solo trip to London. How will that differ from my previous trips? I have always enjoyed London, that is why I keep coming back. It is a wonderful city. Soo much to see, nice people, lots of good food, a vibrant pub culture. Last time I was there was with friends to watch a football game.


Big Ben seen from the London Eye.

I have no specific plans for the weekend really. Booked a hotel in Camden Town. My uncle and aunt lives in london, I will make sure to visit them. There are a few book stores I’d like to visit. Other than that, my schedule is open. I don’t like to plan my trips too much. Much better to be open for surprises, go with the flow and just see what happen.


View of London from the London Eye.

Maybe you have some good tips on what to do in London? Or maybe you know a great bar or restaurant? Please share.

7 comments on “A weekend in London.

  1. Hanneke says:

    It’s a chain, but I loved Belgo Centraal at Covent Garden – I might be biased though, as I was just so happy to find Belgian food (& beer!) in London 😉

    Are you planning to visit Daunt Books in Marylebone? It’s a fantastic place!

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  2. Ann Gorseth says:

    Check out Lady in London blog!

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