First night in London

I took the train from Gatwick Airport to St. Pancras International. My hotel was only a short walk away. At first I planned to take a taxi, but the taxi driver told me to walk instead. It was a fifteen minute walk, but there was lots to see.


Waiting for my train at Gatwick.

Eventually I found my hotel, it wasn’t an hotel but a pub which also rented rooms. Small rooms, shared bathrooms. Cheap. I won’t stay long in my hotel anyway.

The evening was spent walking around the King’s Cross area, after a while I stopped at a bar for a beer.

I went back to my hotel early, better to wake up rested tomorrow to get the most out of the day.

Here are some pictures from my walk.


Nice road on the way to King's Cross


St. Pancras International.


King's Cross


Nice way to lock your bike.


Om my way back to the hotel.




The Fellow Bar.

One comment on “First night in London

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