Sunday in London

No time for writing today, instead I will share some pictures from my day


Daunt Books. Now my favorite travel book store


Inside Daunt Books. Absolutely love it.


The books I bought.


A nice little park in Marylebone.


I visitedy uncle and aunt in Northfields.


My yncle and aunt's backyard.

4 comments on “Sunday in London

  1. Hanneke says:

    Ha, glad you enjoyed Daunt Books! I wish I could go there more often 🙂 Nice choice of books – are you planning a trip to Japan? Japan is very high on my “wish list”, has been for years, but still haven’t made it there.


    • Going to Japan in July. Will be my third visit. Absolutely love the country. You should definately visit Japan. Will be a lot about Japan on my blog in the future


    • If Japan is on your wish list you should go. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. Japan is awesome, I wanna move there and I might 🙂


      • Hanneke says:

        Wow, that would be an exciting move! I hope I can make it there soon. I was actually supposed to go this summer, but I ended up going to a conference in Canada (next week!) and decided I might as well spend some weeks there afterwards. So instead of Japan I am going to Canada, but I take Japan with me in the shape of a pile of Murakami books 😉 Looking forward to read about your trip in July!


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