Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

I visited Lorelei both in October 2012 and March 2014.

In Ginza in Tokyo there is a wonderful little German bar called Lorelei. It can be quite tricky to find, but offers a great experience. In lies in the west of Ginza, between the Yamanote line and Taimei Elementary school. It is in a basement, the entrance right next to a tobacco store. We found it by chance on my first trip to Japan, I have had to look for it on later visits.

The patrons are mostly salary-men looking to wind down after a long day at work. The bartenders are dressed in traditional German costumes. The bar offers German food, German beer and karaoke.


The bar offers a large selection of wigs to wear. Here I am with three salaryman.

The sausages are really good, but quite spicy. It is nice to wash them down with a cold beer.


Lorelei. Everyone joins the singing

Sooner or later, the karaoke machine will be turned on, and both the patrons and the staff will sing. There are many english songs in their playlist, so there is ample of opportunity for you to join in. I have sung many a song there. Japanese people love when foreigners sing karaoke, you will become very popular.


The staff sings karaoke as well. Some of them are really good

If you ever are in Ginza, you should try to find Lorelei and pay a visit. I have always had a good time there.

2 comments on “Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

  1. […] the summer. Fascination with German culture and their beer must be big in Japan (See my post on Lorelei) and it is probably more convenient to have Oktoberfest in […]


  2. […] Lorelei lies at the bottom of a spiral staircase. I walked down and entered through the door. As soon as I entered the owner let out a scream and ran towards me. I stopped, put on a big smile. As she reached me she gave me a big hug. Just the sort of welcome I love. […]


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