Hedge 8, my friend’s bar

After booking an apartment in Tokyo I learned that a friend of mine, who I met on my last visit, had opened his own bar only minutes from where I lived. I knew I had to visit.


Shohei behind the bar

I found my apartment, dropped off my bag, headed for Hedge 8. The bar is less than a year old, run by my friend Shohei and his wife. A great place.


A great bartender

Quite small, twenty people would make the place packed. But that’s quite normal in Japan.

The music was great, the beer was great. The bar was great. Most of the time I was there I was in control of the music.

Shohei likes cars, so the whole bar is filled with model cars. If you visit maybe Shohei will sit at the bar, fixing one of his cars.


Shohei is working on his model car


Can you see the model cars?

Hedge 8 is a great bar, well worth a visit. The whole area around is also nice, so Hedge 8 is for a great pitstop for tourists.

2 comments on “Hedge 8, my friend’s bar

  1. Vinita says:

    Hey, that’s a good tip, thank you. Glad to know you’ve started your holiday on a good note! Enjoy catching up with old friends and making new ones.


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