I visited Osaka in July, 2015

Some places in Japan are just amazing to see, Dotombori Street in Osaka is one of them. It is an attack on your senses. The sounds, the smells, the light. All the people, some rushing by, others just wandering around. Huge lines form at the most popular street food vendors, the less popular ones shouting out their wares and prices.


Dotombori street

Dotombori is the typical crowded Japan of the cities. People are crammed together, small restaurants and bars put wherever there is room. The streets are filled with people, always watch where you are going.


Dotombori at night

Dotimbori is also typical of the rich Japan after the post-war boom. Walls are covered with huge sculptures, there are neon lights everywhere. Every second store has a loudspeaker.


Art on the walls


The outskirts of Dotombori

Our hotel was only a few hundred meters from Dotombori. After visiting a chess club earlier that day we went to the hotel room for a shower, then headed for Dotombori to see if we could find a sushi restaurant.

We walked around a bit before eating, taking in all the sights, the smells, the sound. So many new impressions. Just walking around, looking at all the things you would never see in Norway.


Dotombori street packed with people

Sushi was delicious, never a bad choice for dinner in Japan, now we wanted a beer. Dotombori was a bit too loud for us, we found a much quieter bar a block away, along the canal, where we could sit, enjoy our beer, watch the water float by. Only some meters from Dotombori, but so much quieter.


Sushi for dinner

It was my friend’s last day in Japan, he was only here for five days, he kept talking of all the great things in Japan. He did not want to leave. We spent a few hours there summarising his trips, remembering all of our experiences. He was quite sure that he would return to Japan soon.


View of the canal

As the bar closed early we finished our beers, went back to the hotel. The next morning my friend took a train to the airport, I got on a shinkansen to Okayama.


View from the bar



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