Chasing Childhood Memories

The following episode happened in May, 2015

I still remember going to Storsjöbadet, an aqua park outside Östersund, Sweden, when I was younger. I remember the anticipation of going there, this almost limitless place of fun water activities. How I would spend the entire day there, trying all the slides, swimming in all the pools, trying the slides again. When I was younger it was one of my favorite places to visit, the problem was that it was a four-hour car ride away, and in another country. It must be twenty years since the last time I was there.

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I visited Östersund in May 2015

Turned out, plane tickets the first weekend in May are super-expensive. We have looked everywhere, to every European city, but found no cheap flights and hotels. We were faced with the possibility of staying home for the three-day weekend when my friend had the idea, why not go to Östersund?

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