Hiroshima Week

On August 6, 2015, it was seventy years since the bombing of Hiroshima. I had visited Hiroshima in March 2014, and decided to do a whole week of posts about Hiroshima, a great city. You should all go there. Seriously.


Post 1: The City and the Bomb.

Post 2: Genbaku (A-bomb) Dome.

Post 3: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Post 4: Hiroshima Castle.

Post 5: A Cathedral in Hiroshima.

Post 6: Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima’s local speciality.

Post 7: Shukkei-en.

Post 8: Never Again.

If you are in Hiroshima, I strongly recommend visiting Miyajima as well. It is only an hour away and well worth a visit.

In my posts I have decised to focus on the actual bombing of Hiroshima. Whether or not the bombing was justified, and whether it actually saved lives in the end or not I leave to the experts to decide. My focus has been on Hiroshima.

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