Book review: Video Night in Kathmandu

Video Night in Kathmandu

By Pico Iyer

Asia, the far east. The Orient. A culture so different from the Western world. Different food, different customs, different ways of looking at life. Or is it?

Video Night in Kathmandu looks at how America and the Western world slowly is seeping into Asia. Taking over their culture, fast-food chains outcompeting the local restaurants, American movies being remade in Bollywood.

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I visited Östersund in May 2015

Turned out, plane tickets the first weekend in May are super-expensive. We have looked everywhere, to every European city, but found no cheap flights and hotels. We were faced with the possibility of staying home for the three-day weekend when my friend had the idea, why not go to Östersund?

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Arrived in Sarajevo

I visited Sarajevo in March and April 2015

After a long day I have finally arrived in Sarajevo

It took me twelve hours from leaving my apartment in Trondheim, four flights and four countries. Direct flights to Sarajevo are not the most frequent flights from Trondheim. I changed flights in Oslo, Stockholm and Vienna but at last I have arrived. I was picked up at Sarajevo Airport by my airbnb—host. Excellent service. If only my bag had arrived as well, apparently it is still in Vienna.


A rainy day in Stockholm

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