Sightseeing in Sarajevo

This happened in March 2015


The place where World War One started

Today, I have been guided around Sarajevo by a local friend of my mum. I have seen Bašcaršija, an old Ottoman market, the rebuilt City Hall, several old mosques and churches as well as places of historical interest. A longer description will follow, but I will share some pictures with you.


Cevapi, Bosnian speciality


The City Hall was destroyed during the war, but is now rebuilt


Bascarsija, old Turkish market in the old town of Sarajevo


Bosnian cake for dessert


Memorial after market massacre during the war


I love the old trams in Sarajevo


Buildings still show signs of the war


View from the Latin Bridge

5 comments on “Sightseeing in Sarajevo

  1. Very interesting photos. I am looking forwar to read and see more.


  2. annieparis says:

    Hello my name is Anne and I am a blogger friend of your mums from England. Your mum and I have been blogger friends for along time . I hope you have a great time . Love your photos , especially the coffee shop. Looks very interesting. Look forward to seeing and reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

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